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 FlyBuster after one week of hanging in a tree. 

Commercial and Domestic

 Sale $18.00

 Konk Too 500gr
 Sale $17.00

Konk 418gr
 Sale $17.00

 Konk 409 Domestic
 Sale $15.00

Konk 680gr
Sale $19.50
Silvalure Cattle Sheets

Sale $20.00

Silvalure Rolls 6m
 Sale $9.50

Silvalure Rolls 9m
Sale $27.25

Mr.Sticky Refill
Sale $36.50

Silvalure String 
 Sale $56.25

Silvalure String with Holder
 Sale $84.75

Agita Bait 1kg
Sale $34.75

Quick Bayt 2kg
Sale $56.50

ABS Horse Spray
Sale $13.75

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